3 Quick Wins For An Abundant Business Mindset

Feb 20, 2021 | Abundant Business, Mindset | 0 comments

We all know how important having the ‘right’ mindset is for creating a successful and abundant business don’t we?

But do you know what this actually looks like for you? Do you know what the ‘right’ mindset is? Do you know what your mindset is right now? Are you aware of your mindset and how this affects how you operate in your business?

In my experience of coaching the answer to this is often that people know some of their limitations and mindset blocks, but they are not AWARE of HOW they are doing it on the ‘INSIDE’.

They might say – ‘I’m not good enough, other people do it better, I feel like a fraud, I ‘m not learning quick enough, I don’t know how to do it, I’m not organised enough, I am a procrastinator ……..

but they are not deeply AWARE  of ‘HOW’ they are doing this on the ‘inside’,  AND ‘how’ this is affecting them showing up in their business .

In order to change, grow and create a more empowering and abundant mindset we first need to gain ‘AWARENESS’ of our internal world and how we process our thoughts and feelings.

If I asked you the question – ‘HOW’ are you doing self doubt’ – could you answer it? You might say  – ‘ I am comparing myself to others, I am thinking of my failures in the past and thinking that I will fail again and that’s making me feel bad. I am thinking that I am not good enough ‘ –  You will probably respond with the STORY  of ‘WHY ‘ you have self doubt, not ‘HOW ‘ you are doing self doubt on the inside.

So let me show you what I mean 

1. The ‘how’ might LOOK something like this on the inside:

I see pictures of myself failing, I see people laughing at me when I fail, I see others doing better than me

2. It might SOUND ‘ something  like this:

Your’e not good enough (in a critical voice), you’ll never succeed (in a condescending tone)

3. It might FEEL something like this:

It’s in the pit of my stomach, it’s red and angry and its heavy

So do you see where I am going here? Once you create awareness of ‘HOW ‘ you are doing something on the inside you can begin to change it ! This creates lasting change as you change the structure of your internal processes.

So here are 3 quick wins for an abundant business mindset

NOTICE HOW you are doing your current limiting mindset – what pictures are you creating, what self talk do you have, what feelings does this create

CHANGE ONE of them – create a more compelling picture, turn off the critical voice, access a good feeling

NOW CHOOSE an action that you will take.

Give it a go

Give it a go and notice for yourself what happens? Keep checking in with yourself when you have a limiting belief or mindset that is holding you back. What are the pictures, what is the self talk, what are the feelings? Change them. It’s quick and easy when you know HOW 

See you again soon

Love Sarah x 


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