3 Ways to overcome stress, fear and self doubt and bring more Abundance into your business

Nov 22, 2021 | Abundant Business, Energy | 0 comments

Overwhelm, stress, frustration, exhaustion, fear, self doubt, worry and procrastination can be enemies to allowing the flow of abundance into your business.

These low frequency emotions block the energy of abundance. The harder you work and the more you resist flow, the harder it will be to get the abundance flowing in your business. Trust me I have learned this the hard way!

So what can you do to get the abundance flowing?

GRATITUDE: At the end of the week write down all of the customers/clients you are grateful for that week. How have you helped? Who has benefited from your service? Write down any comments that people have made or testimonials you have received. Perhaps someone has replied to one of your emails that you sent out to tell you how much it helped them. Say thank you to your customers for choosing you and make a promise. Send gratitude to yourself for everything that you do in your business.

MINDSET OF ABUNDANCE: If you are stuck in scarcity or lack then this is what you will attract. Put your hand on your heart and use an affirmation like ‘As I serve I deserve’ or ‘I deserve abundance in my business’. Fear and scarcity can keep you in a state of stress and anxiety. This will block your ability to tune into your intuition and creativity. Have you noticed that when you are stressed it is harder to access your problem solving and ideas. When you are having fun, relaxed and at ease your creativity and ideas come alive!

HEART ENERGY: Imagine all of the people out there who are waiting for you to help them. Imagine sending your heart energy out to them and connecting your light with their light. They are waiting for you and might not even know it yet. Imagine who you want to help and how you are going to find them. Take action to find them.

Abundance is available to us all and believing that it is possible for you will help you to release fear. A mindset of abundance rather than scarcity will send a message out to the Universe that you are ready to receive. You have to tae action and prove to the Universe that you are serious about making your dreams come true. The more you stay in the alignment, in compassion, in gratitude and in generosity, the more the abundance will flow.

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Love and Abundance

Sarah x 


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