Sarah Fletcher

Abundance Coaching for women

Hello beautiful soul, I’m Sarah your Abundance coach. It’s my passion and mission to help women like you to live a life of Abundance. My transformational programmes will take you on a journey of deep self discovery to help you create awareness of your inner world. As you evolve and step in to your courage and confidence, you will learn how to truly connect with who you are meant to be and embrace your beautiful life. 

Abundance is for us all  

Whether your are looking to make changes in your personal life or need help and support with transforming your business then i have what you need.

Sarah Fletcher Life Coach and NLP PractitionerMake the changes within to have a life or business that you dream of. 

Many people have no idea of the power they hold within themselves to live a life that is truly meant for them. There are limitless possibilities available to us all when we BELIEVE that we deserve to have an AMAZING LIFE!

I have been honoured to witness so many women’s transformations and I have seen the incredible changes they have made in their life.  From depleted to flourishing relationships!  From no energy to finding zest in every day! From having no confidence to thriving and believing in themselves. From saying no to themselves to saying YES to nurturing and loving themselves deeply and compassionately.


The Abundant Life and Abundant Business Programmes will show you HOW this is POSSIBLE for you. With a mindset of knowing what you want, believing that it is possible and being prepared to take a journey inwards of self discovery, you will be AMAZED at how quickly you can TRANSFORM your life 🧡  


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