Mindset is Everything

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The Magician 

On Saturday I was delivering sessions at a local college International Womens Day.  I had a surprising class of thirteen unexpected year 6 pupils. Thankfully through years of teaching experience I can think on my feet quickly and I was able to be flexible and change my previously planned session 😳 The children were an absolute delight and one pupil in particular warmed my heart and reminded me how much I love the work that I do.

Mindset is everything

What I observed in those pupils was resilience, enthusiasm and a willingness to give things a go even though they hadn’t explored this kind of thing before.These were children from a very deprived area in the town where I live, some of whom had learning challenges, behavioral issues and physical and emotional difficulties. Yet they enthusiastically engaged in everything we did.

⭐️As I guided and observed carefully my heart warmed inside with what I saw. One girl in particular as she stepped in to her circle closed her eyes, screwed up her face and said to herself ‘you can do this, you will feel so good after’. She then opened her twinkling eyes, with a huge smile on her face and asked me ‘ are you a magician !’ My reply was, ‘no you are ‘😀

She then went on to ask if she could have her circle for other things to help her feel better. Others in the group were keen to tell me what state they would like to have more of the time – positivity, confidence, calm, happiness, joy . They were mesmerised at the power of their mind as they swung their arms round after they had mentally rehearsed it. They were eager and wanted more !

So what? 

🧡Imagine being like these ten year olds every single day.

🧡Open to possibility and changing what you are doing

🧡Wanting more of the good feelings and giving yourself permission to have them

🧡Being willing to give things a go and believing that it’s possible

🧡Telling yourself you can do it and being courageous enough to do it

I watched in awe of these young girls eager to learn and help themselves. I felt grateful that I had been invited to share some of what I know with them and help them feel better.

🙏I invite you to be like a ten year old. Create your own magic, be open to possibility. There is so much we can learn from the curiosity mindset of children.

Love and compassion

Sarah xx 


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