Designing Your 2022 in a way that is right for you

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Designing your 2022 in a way that is right for you

I am really excited to be sharing with you what I have to help you design  2022 in a way that is right for you!

We’re going to start with, what might be getting in the way of you getting clear on what you want for 2022?  I’ve had a few conversations over the past week or so with mixed feelings of how people are feeling about the new year. Some have got tons of energy and feeling really excited  and looking forward to a brighter New Year. Whilst others are not feeling quite the same. They’re a little bit lethargic and feeling overwhelmed with stuff and feeling that they haven’t quite got it all sorted yet and don’t know the exact direction of where they want to go.

It’s important to recognise that it’s okay with wherever you are, at this point in the year. You’ve got a whole 12 months to reach your goals and to get to where you want to be in your business. It doesn’t matter if just at this moment, a week into January, if you haven’t got it all planned. And I think it’s really important as well to not compare your vision or your journey with other people because there will be some people who will have the whole of 2022 mapped out and that’s good for them, but it doesn’t mean that this needs to be you.

So some of the things that came up in conversation as to what might be getting in the way of planning for 2022 were;

Social Media Overwhelm

Before Christmas there were so many emails, free challenges, posts, quotes, videos and adverts shouting about making 2022 your best year yet that it felt overwhelming for many of us.

It can feel that we are bombarded with all of this information, all of this guidance of what we should be doing and how we should be moving into the new year and how we should be planning our goals and what’s the right way to do it. It’s too overwhelming. For those too, that are unable to turn off their social media it can raise anxiety which can often lead to comparison – comparing yourself to where others are and then reinforcing feelings of not being good enough.

So, my invitation to you is if you are feeling like that or have been feeling like this is to come back to YOUR  truth.

  • Take notes from the things that you want to listen to
  • Take on board the stuff that resonates with you
  • Tune in to the information that that makes sense to you and fits with what you want, who you are and what your journey is
  • Make your notes and start to use it to help you plan
  • Ultimately it all comes back to what your truth is, and what feels right for you

You can take this as a real good opportunity to gather all the information and use it in a way that is right for you. It’s your business, and you get to choose how you design it, how you create it, how you run it, and how it fits with your life.

If right now you are somebody who likes to settle into the new year first, who likes to just find your feet and feel into it , then maybe write a few things down and have a look at it and see what feels right for you and start from there.


Another thing that popped up in these conversations was fear.

It might be that some of you are moving into the new year with some slight or a lot of apprehension, maybe you are still feeling uncertain. And maybe there’s been changes in your business and you’re not quite sure what it looks like going forward yet or what it’s going to be like for you

My invitation to you is to;

  • Really pay attention and lean into the stories and narratives and mini scripts, the movie that you are running about your life and about your business.
  • And the good news is that you can create the story that you want, you can create the movie that you want!
  • Imagine the characters of that movie, imagine who they are and what they do
  • Imagine who you are in that movie and what you do to make the things happen that you want to make happen.
  • What role do you play?
  • What kinds of things have happened in your business?
  • What have you achieved?
  • How have you shown up in your business?
  • Imagine jumping into that movie and being the hero of your story. How does it end on December the 31st 2022?
Guiding Questions

And finally, it might be that you’re not sure what questions to ask yourself to guide you in the right direction. So maybe you’re feeling a little bit lost or a little bit stuck. Perhaps you haven’t got clarity on the questions that you need to ask yourself to help you to be guided and help you to move in the right direction that you want to go in. What can sometimes happen is we get caught in the noise of our mind particularly if we are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, or stressed, and we get into the narrative of I’m not good enough or it’s not going to work out for me.

Remind yourself that you already have within you the answers to what you need to create the business of your dreams.

Beneath all that noise, beneath the should’s and the musts, and I can’t do it and it’s not possible and all the stuff that you might be running, the answers are right within you.

My invitation to you is to;

  • Begin asking yourself questions to help you clear out the clutter and clear out the noise;
  • What Lights me up?
  • What do I love doing?
  • Do I like to write and be creative?
  • Do I like online space?
  • Do I like talking?
  • Do I enjoy working on my own?
  • Do I enjoy working with a team?
  • How do I want to show up for my customers, clients or community?
  • Do I want to go live on social media, share blogs or articles?
  • What are my strengths & talents?

Shine your light in the world in the way that you are meant to shine your light. And when you shine your light, it feels effortless, it feels easy, it feels wonderful, it feels magical.

And you can really create that bright future in your business. When you focus on your strengths and gifts and talents, you radiate that energy that people are attracted to, because they see the authenticity within you. They see that you are congruent, they see that you are aligned. Focusing on your strengths and making it feel easy for you is going to really amplify your desire to really create the business that you want this year.

Step into that courage of trying things out, it’s okay to try things out and then not work. If you do something and it falls flat and you think oh, okay, so that didn’t work out. What learnings can you take from it? Just have the courage anyway to do the things that feel good and see what happens. In fact, I would strongly suggest that if what you do isn’t working, then do something different.

The key is to get started and do something, use your courage to give things a go and just keep checking back in with yourself.

Finally, have fun with it. Get into the excitement of feeling good and feeling excited about it, get creative. We tend to do things much better when we are having fun, we learn better when we’re having fun, we’re more courageous when it’s fun.

Happy Planning!

Love & Peace

Sarah x 

PS. If you want to listen to the podcast episode on this then you can listen here 👇



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