Five weeks until Christmas….. I’ve got loads of time

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As I was filling in my planner today my husband commented that it was only five weeks until Christmas. No problem I thought I have loads of time to get shopping and sorted…….. These are my thoughts every year and then I wonder why the week before I am searching around for the things on my daughters Christmas list 😭

You see the thing is how we represent time in our minds affects how we think about time. Have you ever noticed that some people are always late for things? Or they seem to be always chasing their tail cursing that there isn’t enough time in the day? And those who are last at Christmas shopping? And then there are those who have everything planned, always on time or super early to a meeting and of course started Christmas shopping in The January sales 😩 I mean who even does that 😂

There is no right or wrong way in how we think about time but it can be useful to recognise our own patterns and question if it works for you or not? I love to be ‘in time’ when I want to be spontaneous, present, creative and in flow. And I need to be ‘through time’ when I am planning my business week, setting goals, organising holidays and preparing for things. Most of us tend to lean more towards one than the other and run this pattern across the different areas of our life.

So if you find yourself stressed, hurried, chasing your tail and late then it could be useful to ask yourself if this works for you and are you getting what you want? If not then you can consider imagining time in a more ‘through time’ way and thinking about how to plan and prioritise. If you are too planned and struggle to change the plan or be flexible, then you might consider how you can be more present and spontaneous.

It can be useful to check in with our patterns of behaviour and ask if they give us what we need and if not how can we update them. I used to be really last minute with things and realised that in order to run a successful business I needed to have both ways of thinking about time. I need to plan and organise my diary for training and booking clients and set outcomes as well as needing  to problem solve in the moment and be present with my clients.

You can bring awareness to how you are representing time and if it works for you

😊If it isn’t working for you then do something different

😊You can begin my making a commitment to getting somewhere 10 minutes earlier if you are always late

😊You can have fun and be spontaneous instead of needing to have a plan!

😊You could commit to planning your week out if you are someone who chases your tail

😊You could set your alarm earlier and give yourself more time if you are usually jumping out of bed at the last minute.

Being aware of what we are doing gives us choice in changing any of our behaviours.

🙋‍♀️So on that note I am going to go online and do some ‘early’ Christmas shopping so that I am not chasing my tail the week before 😊


Love Sarah xx 






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