How To Find a Way When you are Stuck

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How are you stucking yourself

That sounds a bit weird doesn’t doesn’t it, how are you ‘stucking’ yourself?

Let me enlighten you

Often in life when we feel stuck, we put our attention to things that we perceive as making us feel stuck. Perhaps it’s our unhappy relationship, or our mundane job. Perhaps other people are getting in the way and telling us we can’t do the things we want to or demanding too much of our time. Perhaps our financial situation or family commitments prevent us from putting our needs first so we feel resentful and exhausted. Maybe we haven’t got enough time in the day, we chase our tail and run ourselves ragged trying to please everyone. We end the day once again feeling like we have done everything for everyone else, and nothing for us.
Does this sound like you? Do you feel stuck in the never ending cycle of wake up, go to work, do the tasks of the day, eat, sleep and repeat.
Are you living in groundhog day and wondering when you will get of the merry go round (although it doesn’t feel that merry!), more like a waltzer at the fairground  😲🤢
So how are you STUCKING yourself? How are you perceiving your life? Do you feel that you have control over it? Are you making choices everyday that make your life joyous and happy? Do you blame others for your situation and feelings? Do you stay in the victim mode of feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses for not making changes?
The Circle of Control 
Stephen Covey in his book ‘The Seven habits of Highly Effective People’ introduces the notion of the circle of control. He states that if we live our life feeling helpless and powerless and focusing on the things we can’t control, then it is likely that we will be unhappy and feel stuck.

So what can you do about it?

You can start by recognising that You DO have control over your

  • Thinking 

  • Feelings 

  • Actions  

😍You get to choose every single day how you live your life. You can find a way or you can find an excuse. You can’t change other people and some of your circumstances might be challenging, HOWEVER you CAN find a way to get unstuck.

Where to start 

STEP ONE: Notice the stories you are telling yourself – are you a victim? Do you spend your time in the BMW zone (B****, moan and whinge), or do you find a solution to the problem and take action ?

STEP TWO: Be honest with yourself. Be the change you want to see as Ghandi famously quoted. If something isn’t working in your life then what can you do about it, what can you change?

STEP THREE: Make a choice every single day to find joy and gratitude for your life. This could be your home, your family, your friendships, your breath, your physical body, the beauty of nature.

STEP FOUR: Raise your energy levels. The higher your energy vibration is, the more greatness you will attract in to your life. Walk around with a smile on your face, offer kindness to others, tell yourself that you deserve to live a whole hearted life.

STEP FIVE : Keep it simple. Get unstuck by making small changes. See the good in yourself and others, look within to make the changes, not outside of you. Change starts within, this is where your powerhouse for happiness lies.

Small steps, you’ve got this 😍

Love and blessings

Sarah xx

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AND If you want to know more about how to live your life more effectively and get unstuck then here is the link for The 7 habits of highly Effective People – A great read


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