How to Keep Going when you Feel like Giving up in your Business

Sep 29, 2021 | Mindset | 0 comments

How often have you felt like giving up in your business? If you are anything like me then the answer is very often!

On those days when you are tired and fed up, you wonder when you will have your breakthrough and how you are going to keep going in your business. You question what others are doing who make it look so easy, and what are you missing. You must be doing it all wrong because those magic formulas that the experts tell you to do might be working for others, but they are certainly not working for you! You hadn’t realised that running a business meant that you were going to have to learn so many new things and your head feels like it’s going to explode! You have no idea how you will keep going!

Not only are you running around with your pants on fire trying to juggle everything else in your life as well as run your business, to add even more stress in the mix you’re cash poor and everyone is telling you to just give it up and get a job!

No wonder you feel like giving up!

BUT…. you don’t.

🌟 You don’t give up because it’s too important to you to make it work.

🌟 You don’t give up because that true whisper in your heart and your deep knowing in your gut won’t go away.

🌟 You don’t give up because you have made a promise to yourself that you are meant for more than that 9-5 that sucked the life out of you.

🌟 You don’t give up because you are determined to create a life on your terms and live your truth!

🌟 You don’t give up because you are an amazing exquisite woman with passion, desire and a drive to live her life to the fullest.

I love the quote by Marianne Williamson ‘our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, talented and gorgeous. Actually who are you not to be ?

So what can you do to help yourself on those days when you do feel like giving up?  (and just for the record it is totally ok to have these days)

Here are some of my thoughts from many of my own practices and learnings over the past four years of building my business –

BE KIND TO YOURSELF It isn’t the feelings that we experience that are the problem.

It is the meaning that we put to them and the narrative that we create that causes us the difficulty. If you are someone who is self critical and has unrealistic expectations of yourself, then it can be easy to slip into being unkind and giving yourself a hard time when you are struggling. There is heaps of research on compassion and kindness and how using intentional heart emotions like gratitude, appreciation, compassion and kindness can benefit your health and wellbeing and improve feelings of clarity and confidence. ( ). Being kind to yourself really is one of the key ingredients to your business success. 

GET BACK IN TO BALANCEWhen you feel stressed or overwhelmed your nervous system becomes unbalanced upsetting the equilibrium of your system.

Too much cortisol or adrenalin gets released, sleep can be affected and you might experience more ups and downs in your mood. Getting your system back in to balance is key to managing how you feel and giving yourself more choice in how you respond to things. Breathing techniques, fresh air and meditation can be some ways to get your system back in to balance. It is much easier to navigate the roller coaster of being in business when you are in an internal balanced state. If your cup is already full then it won’t take much for it to overspill! 

ACKNOWLEDGE HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME – When we are working towards a goal we can sometimes forget to remember the journey and acknowledge how far we have come.

A useful technique that I use is to imagine myself standing on the second floor looking down on myself and my business and noticing from an observers position all that I am doing and what I have achieved. This can be a very useful technique if you find yourself caught up in overwhelming emotions or if you are feeling stuck. This technique helps you to feel detach from the emotion so that you can have a wider perspective on what is going on. It is a beautiful way of seeing yourself as the amazing determined business woman that you are.  

You know you’ve got this right? You are amazing. You are are awesome.


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Thanks for being here, I’ll see you soon

Love and Abundance 

Sarah x 


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