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The dreaded MOT day

It’s that time of year again when the lucky car gets it’s check over, and my purse gets either fleeced or remains intact. Is it fit for purpose, do the brakes work or are they a risk to life! Do the lights work, are the tyres suitable for the road (or is it the road suitable for the tyres?) Is it likely to keep going for another year or has it finally given up? Thankfully this years MOT was a success and my little Suki can carry on tootling about the town for a little bit longer……

Which brought me to thinking…… about my mind and body? Because that’s ‘normal’ peoples thinking right? To liken their MOT experience to their mind and body…. Let me explain.

How many of us visit the doctor for a yearly check up to see if we are fit for purpose?

How many of us check our mental and physical functioning to see if it’s working in the best way possible?

How many of us prioritise a visit to the holistic therapist, mindset coach, herbalist, health food shop or a date with the gym on a regular basis?

How many of us notice and ignore our bodies warning signals that something is wrong and carry on regardless until the mind or body STOP us?

And yet we take our car in for it’s MOT every year

  • if a warning light comes up on the dashboard we pay attention and get it fixed
  • if oil is leaking we change it and sort it
  • if the tyres are bald we change them

So I’m curious, what makes us ignore the red warning signals of our body? Why do we choose to let it run on empty for years? Why do we forget to oil our joints and loosen our tension? What stops us from checking ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Perhaps we need to imagine that we are a car? Would that help us to remember?

Get your MOT booked before you stop working and it costs you much more than 45 quid !







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