The Importance of Celebrating your Wins for the Energy of Abundance

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The Importance of Celebrating your Wins – IN 3 STEPS

How good or bad, are you at celebrating your wins and successes?

As a nation, we’re pretty rubbish at singing our own praises and blowing our own success trumpets, right?

We’re really good at focusing on all the negative stuff; things that you haven’t ticked off your list or the targets not met or the things that have gone wrong. The times that you’ve messed up or the discipline that you’ve had, and the way that you feel about your lack of progress.

In my opinion, this has to stop, because it can keep us really stuck in our business. If we don’t focus on the things that are going well, if we don’t celebrate wins, then instead of taking the lessons from the things that we’ve learned, or taking the lessons from the things that maybe haven’t gone as planned, then we end up feeling bad about it, don’t we?

We get into that mindset of reinforcing the crappy beliefs that we’ve got about ourselves, about not being good enough or about things not working out for us. We don’t want that because we are amazing and awesome!

We get what we focus on. And the science behind manifesting and self-fulfilling prophecy is that your brain is really clever. And it wants to prove you right, it will seek evidence in your environment to confirm your thinking. So if you’re stuck, if you’re stuck focusing on what’s going wrong, then that’s what you’ll get more of. Your mindset will be in lack, instead of abundance and your business is likely to feel hard.

It’s time to own your power!

How can you get into that sort of mindset and energy of celebrating your wins?

Number one:

You know your thoughts become your actions, and your actions become your habits. And then your habits become who you are. So in business, you want to have habits that support your success, abundance, motivation, good decision making and persistence. Keeping up the momentum, and the way that you perceive things will influence how you feel about them, and then how you respond to them.

So even when things don’t go as planned, you can still see them as wins as they’re learning opportunities. Everything is a learning opportunity if we perceive it in that way.

Number two:

Celebrating everybody’s wins, celebrating other women in businesses wins as well. Let’s eliminate the competition mindset and let’s cheerlead all the women in business! Let’s build successful businesses together. Surrounding yourself with other amazing, awesome women in business is going to increase the likelihood of your success as well, do that and we can all be winners together.

It feels good to be part of the group, it feels good to belong. And it feels good when others celebrate our successes and achievements. And it feels good when we celebrate other people’s as well.

Number three:

It’s all about your state. We know that your state affects everything that you do. So if you have supportive thoughts, if you feel good, if you’ve got good energy, then this is going to radiate from you. And it’s going to attract your soul clients, so when you’re feeling good, when you are celebrating yourself, when you are connecting with your heart energy, this is picked up by others, and it’s motivating and it’s inspiring, and it lifts other people up too!

Celebration is going to attract more celebration, shining your light and feeling good is going to attract more light in your life.

My invitation to you to help you celebrate your wins and light yourself up and feel good, is to remind yourself how amazing and awesome you are. Allow yourself to give yourself permission to step into your power and own it own your truth. Own who you are and your talents, your gifts and how you show up in the world. Focus on the good stuff, reminding yourself that it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

And then finally, allowing yourself to have those supportive thoughts that are supportive of good habits. You are more likely to celebrate your wins and keep yourself motivated and inspired, as well as motivating and inspiring others.

Love and Abundance,

Sarah x

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