Things To Avoid When Setting Your Day Up For Success

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How many days of the week do you hit the snooze button and then have to jump out of bed in a hurry? Do you open your eyes and the first thing you do is scroll through social media or the doom and gloom of the news? Does your mind begin to whirr with thoughts of the day or your never ending to do list? Do you feel like shouting out loud ‘is is not the weekend yet!’?

Is this a good start to the day? Does it help you set yourself up for a good day or are you already in the zone of stress before you even get out of bed?

Here are a few things NOT to do upon opening your eyes if you want to set your day up for success 

Scrolling through social media

Did you know that scrolling through social media can become addictive? It activates the brains reward centre and provides instant gratification and positive feedback. Have you ever got lost in scrolling and wondered where the time has gone! It can can also activate your stress response as you subconsciously start comparing yourself to others or checking how many likes you have on the post that you have posted the night before. Instead of starting your day in control with positivity and being proactive, you end up mindlessly scrolling, wasting time and wondering why you feel disorganised and stressed.

Hitting the snooze button

Just one more time I hear you say, just five more minutes then I will get up, another few minutes won’t do any harm. Snore! Yikes alarm goes off again and you feel pants! This is because when we fall back to sleep we can enter in to a sleep cycle that we don’t finish which makes us feel more tired and even worse than when we first woke up.  Use Mel Robins 5 second rule- 54321 – GO! If you miss the window then your mind will start with its excuses and you are hitting that snooze button once again! No messing about, take action and get up. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Leaving your bed unmade

Did you know that research shows that making your bed is associated with increased productivity throughout your day? Making your bed can spark the chain reaction of forming other good habits too. Take your time to straighten the covers and organise your pillows. Charles Duhigg in is book the power of habit, states that making your bed very morning leads to greater productivity and a greater sense of wellbeing. It’s a keystone habit in that it kick starts the pattern of creating another habit.

So how you set up your day for success so that you are happier, more productive and go to bed at the end of the day feeling satisfied and fulfilled?

You time – Use the morning for ‘you’ time. Set your alarm clock earlier and prioritise your morning routine

Breath work – Set up your mind and body. Before you get out of bed take a moment to bring your attention to your breathing and create harmony and balance in your nervous system by using balanced breathing for 3 minutes. Breathing in and out equal breaths

Set your intentions –  So that you are consciously choosing your day and not leaving it up to ‘fate’. How do you want to feel throughout the day? What will you be doing and thinking to achieve that way of being? If you want to feel calm then what needs to happen inside of you to create awareness so that you are achieving this calm state?

Move your body – Stretch, walk, dance or run. Whatever is right for you. Set up your physical body for success so that the energy is flowing and you are energised and focussed. Get the feel good chemicals flowing and reduce the negative ones.

Gratitude, reading and journaling –  Ask your self the question how can I make today worth it? What will need to happen for me to go to bed tonight and feel fulfilled and happy that I used my time today in a good way? Who and what am I grateful for and who can I connect with today that will inspire me? Read an inspiring book or listen to an inspiring podcast. Expand your mind and way of thinking..

Your life is worth LIVING, it’s not just for EXISTING. Setting your day up with good habits and making yourself a priority is CRUCIAL for your happiness and wellbeing.

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Love Sarah x 


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