What To Do When it Feels Like The Universe Hasn’t Got Your Back!

Oct 5, 2021 | Courage | 2 comments

Have you ever thought that the Universe is against you? Have you had times in life where you have felt like there is a higher force out to get you!

This is how I felt five years ago. It had taken me two years to get to the point where I was courageous enough to leave my teaching job. I could no longer ignore my calling and I knew it was time. I believed that the universe would help me and I was prepared to do what it would take to follow my dreams and honour my truth….

What I hadn’t realised though was that I still had a lot of emotional clutter that needed clearing. In order for me to grow and evolve I had lessons to learn and the Universe had a plan to help me.

I was in blissful ignorance assuming that the universe had my back and the stars were aligned for me to follow my true North star! I’d taken action, I believed I deserved abundance, I followed the plan, I recited my affirmations. I was ready for the gifts of ease and flow and a life I had been dreaming about.

How wrong I was! The Universe knew that I still had lessons to learn so I could show up in the world and lead from a place of compassion, authenticity and love. It was about to get messy!

The bolt from out of the blue was delivered

The bolt from out of the blue was delivered and my world was rocked to the core! A huge personal crisis that took the rug from beneath my feet was launched at 100 miles an hour and smacked me right in the face. Sounds dramatic I know, but it was! I FELL HARD! I crashed and I was down. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I’d left the hard stuff behind. Where was my ease, grace and flow. How come my world was falling apart right in front of me? The emotional rollercoaster had begun. There was no getting off this one in a hurry.

Lessons learned

Thankfully I had amazing support and I knew that this had been delivered to help me grow. I’m a great believer in digging deep and uncovering the lessons that I need to learn to help me grow. It hurt like hell but I was determined to be a woman who conquered her challenges and rise like the warrior I believed I was! It took a while and a LOT of self discovery work but I emerged stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more forgiving and more accepting of myself and others than ever before.

So I’m pretty sure that if you’re still reading this then you’ve also had times in your life similar to this. Just when you thought things were getting easier the 💩 hit the fan!

So here are my thoughts on what to do in those times and how to rise from your shadow side as the warrior woman you are born to be.

Trust yourself that no matter what, you have what you need to get through this. You’re a warrior and you will get through it! You have all the resources and wisdom deep within you,

Trust that whatever is happening is here to help you grow. Dig deep and do the inner work to discover what you need to learn about yourself and what needs healing within you. For me at this time I was still holding on to feelings of not being good enough, fear of shinning my light and not loving myself as deeply as was required to do the work I was moving in to doing. If I was going to support women to find their truth and love themselves then I needed to accept and love myself first.

Stay present. Guilt and shame or anger and regret will keep you stuck in the past. Worry and fear about the future will inhibit your ability to access your intuitive guidance and inner knowing that will guide you through your struggle. All you have is NOW. Focus on heart centred emotions such as appreciation and gratitude. Practice meditation and mindfulness and seek support.

Forgiveness. Now this is a biggie! I remember reading Brene Brown at the time of my struggle and a poignant moment for me was this  “In order for forgiveness to happen, something has to die. If you make a choice to forgive, you have to face the pain, you simply have to hurt.’ WOW!  That got my attention. And so I began the process of forgiveness that I had CHOSEN. I wasn’t going to be the victim, I owed that to myself and to the women who I served. I was in control of my destiny. Forgiveness was the gift  that I gave to myself to heal my suffering.

I truly hope you’ve found this helpful. I know it sucks when the universe is testing your strength but remember this…. the Universe DOES have your back. The lessons we need to learn will be given to us in various forms and will keep on showing up until we listen and do the work to heal ourselves. You are meant to grow and evolve and growth is often painful. On the other side of this is MAGIC and FREEDOM and your true power lies within.

You are strong, you are amazing, you are a phenomenal woman. You have tremendous powers to heal yourself and in doing so you will heal the women who have been before you and the generations of women who come after you.

With heartfelt gratitude for being you

Love Sarah xx 

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  1. Michelle Smith

    Fantastic blog, open hearted and full of wisdom. Thank you x

    • Sarah Fletcher

      Thank you I loved writing it x


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