When Things Don’t Go to Plan

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When Things Don’t Go to Plan 

Have you ever done something and realised after that it would have been a good idea to check something out first?I learned this lesson last night after camping in the garden with my daughter and not doing the planning that was necessary to stay dry. ☹
Last night I camped out with my daughter in the garden. The weather has been glorious and I had got swept away with thinking that we were abroad. I didn’t think about checking the weather. What a mistake that was. I woke up with my head touching the side of the tent soaking wet after about 3 hours sleep due to the sound of the rain lashing upon the tent! My daughter was snoring soundly next to me, wrapped up nice and cosy oblivious to the wet, cold and deflated airbed. I however was as stiff as a board from lying on the ground, wet from the leaking tent and shivering my socks off.
Thankfully sometimes (not all of the time 😂) I can see the funny side of things. So I decided not to have a Diva strop this time and not to get annoyed with myself for forgetting to check the weather.

What did I learn

  • I learned that camping in the garden is probably more fun when you stay dry🙄
  • The smell of fresh grass and rainy air is delicious ⛈
  • Sleeping on a camp bed off the floor is probably better for your joints when you get to a certain age 🤣
  • Watching a movie in a tent with an 11 year old is fun and I should do it more often🧡
  • Being flexible and making the best out of a situation is far better than having a strop and getting stressed about it

So what does my camping story have to do with anything? 

Sometimes in life things happen and we wish that we had planned better or we might beat ourselves up for getting it wrong. Lots of women that I coach feel like this.
They are really good at telling themselves how bad they are, how stupid they are, what an idiot they are and why didn’t they get it right. This tends to lead them down a slippery slope of feeling bad, thinking they are the worst person in the world and generally feeling rubbish about themselves. This then has a knock on effect the next time they ‘do something wrong, or don’t plan well enough’, and they sabotage themselves EVEN MORE.
Now why would you want to do that to yourself? I bet you wouldn’t tell a friend off for not getting it right? You would probably laugh with her and see the funny side of it. You would probably tell her to stop being so hard on herself and give herself a break…. sound familiar?
So how about taking your own words of wisdom and giving it to yourself

Wisdom 1 : Be kind to yourself when you get it wrong

Wisdom 2: We make the best decision we can at the time with the information we have

Wisdom 3: There is always something to learn so use it as a learning opportunity to plan for next time

Wisdom 4: Nothing in life is failure it’s just more information about either what not to do or what to do next time

As Thomas Edison said ‘I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’

So yes perhaps I should have checked the weather and I know for next time 😍


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