You Get What You Focus On

Sep 15, 2021 | Abundant Life, Courage | 5 comments

Have you ever decided to buy a new car and then noticed what seems like hundreds of the same cars on the road?

Or perhaps you have told yourself that it is going to be a bad day because you got caught in traffic on the way to work and guess what, it does end up being a bad day! We all know that person who calls themselves the ‘unlucky guy’, and of course they end being the unlucky guy. The interesting thing is that even though you have noticed ALL of the cars that are the same as the one you want to buy, you haven’t noticed ALL of the others. The BAD day had some good points in it too, you just didn’t notice them.The unlucky person doesn’t just have unlucky episodes in life, there will be good things that they don’t notice.

You see the thing is we get what we focus on.

Our conscious mind is very limited. It is believed to only be able to focus on about 7 (ish) pieces of information at any time. All of the other information is out of our awareness and gets processed via the nervous system. If I said to you now notice the temperature of your left foot… had you noticed it before I mentioned it? Probably not as it  wasn’t in your awareness. Take a moment to notice how you are breathing. Is it fast or slow, through your mouth or nostrils? Had you noticed it before I drew your attention to it? Probably not.

So because our conscious mind is limited and can only process a small amount of information in our environment, our brain has a clever way of filtering out information. The Reticular Activating System is your filtering system. It removes irrelevant or unimportant information so that it can deliver the information to you that you have asked for. So when you say to yourself ‘its going to be a bad day’, your RAS sets off to find the information to confirm this for you. It deletes the other things such as those moments of joy and happiness and gives you what you have asked for.

Clever isn’t it? Well it is when we know how to programme it for the good things in life rather than the things that cause us stress, worry or irritation!

Here are some suggestions for setting up your day to be how you want it to, and focussing on the good stuff rather than the less good stuff. Remember you get what you focus on so you might as well bring the good things in to your life.

QUESTIONS. The questions you ask yourself are important. The Reticular activating systems job is to find the answers to the questions you have asked and prove you right. If you have a limiting belief about yourself like ‘why do bad things happen to me?’, then your RAS will seek for the evidence in your environment to answer this question and it will bring the bad things to you! I know right, we are powerful manifestors and don’t even know that we are doing it! So asking yourself the right questions will direct your focus to things you want. Try this…. How can I have more JOY today? How can I feel more GRATITUDE today? How can I feel CALMER today? And notice what happens in your day, you might be pleasantly surprised at the joy, gratitude and calm that appears in your day.

INTENTION. On waking decide consciously how you want your day to be and set the intention that you will seek the evidence in your day to bring you what you want. I am going to bring joy to everyone I meet. I am going to bring laughter and fun to my day. I will notice the wonder of nature around me. Give it a go and see for yourself what happens!

AWARENESS. Create awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Many of us move through our day in autopilot and habit. We are not really aware of the thoughts that we are generating and don’t stop to pause and check in with ourselves to see if our thoughts are helpful, kind or useful, We are going about our busy day ‘doing’ what we have to do. Creating awareness of your thoughts and feelings is the first step to changing anything. Awareness is the key to checking in with yourself to see if you are focussing on what you want to. Or if you are focussed on being niggled, frustrated, angry or fed up.

YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. You get to decide every day what you focus on and what you bring in to your life.

Bring joy, happiness, love, peace, calm, inspiration and connection. See how your day changes. I would love to know how you get on, let me know in the comments box. Sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of this blog and get lots of lovely tips in your inbox on how to live a more Abundant life.

With Gratitude for being here

Love Sarah x







  1. Sheila Stringfellow

    Hello Sarah
    How did you know I needed this connection to your Beautiful wisdom , it has come at a good time as I have achieved everything I set out to do in 2019/2020 and now need to focus on the future .

    • Sarah Fletcher

      fabulous Sheila lovely to hear from you xx

    • Sarah Fletcher

      wonderful x I hope you are well

  2. Emma Eldershaw

    This is fab Sarah. I love programming my RAS, it works, it really does 🥰

    • Sarah Fletcher

      Yes it does 😊


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